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Arizona Education Cadre was founded in 2007 by Joanne C. Phillips.  As the former Arizona state director of special education, she was personally familiar with the needs of public and private education agencies throughout Arizona. Having been a local special education administrator for 23 years, she was well acquainted with everyfacet of implementing the myriad of laws, regulations, mandates and services required to create and maintain quality programs for special needs students.  She assembled a cadre of colleagues who had exceptional skills in their specialty area and launched Arizona's premier educational consulting firm. Joanne is a keynote speaker, lecturer and consultant.



The expert consultants at Arizona Education Cadre are committed to providing high quality support and services to agencies and their teams to help them reach their goals.  To achieve this, we-


  • Recruit cadre members who are experts in their field

  • Keep current with evidence-based research

  • Bring training and services to clients statewide

Specialized and customized in-service trainings, workshops, seminars and institutes bring our clients cutting edge educational and legal information to support their efforts to provide quality, effective services.  Individual school and classroom support enables service providers to learn effective strategies and interventions to improve learner outcomes.